Monthly Minutes

We will carry forward the original minutes of the first meeting, and the 3 most current meetings.

First Minutes of the Western Maryland Coin Club.

Held September 21, 1938.

"Was held September 21, 1938 in the Library of the Central Y.M.C.A. at 7:30 pm"

Temporary President Fred P. Keyser opened the meeting with eleven members and one guest. President to be Keyser gave the history of the formation of the club, and the aims and subjects of the club.

                                      Election of Officers.

It was moved and seconded that we have an election of officers for the coming year ending September 1, 1939. The following officers were duly elected;

Fred P. Keyser          President

William L. Wilson      Vice President

Holmes H. Cessna   Sec'y & Treas.

It was then moved and seconded that the club would meet on the 3rd. Wednesday each month at 8:00 pm.

The program for our October meeting will consist of Mr. Oliver Bruce Jr., speaker on Banks of Alleghany County, display of coins: Fred P. Keyser complete set Lincoln cents, Holmes H. Cessna complete set Two cent pieces, Mr. Martin Watson obsolete bank notes, and an auction of coins from various members. Mr. Benjamin G. Charles was duly elected first auctioneer with Dr. Malin as his Secretary.

                          The meeting adjourned at 9:40 pm.

                          Holmes H. Cessna


Minutes for the last Quarter


Meeting started at 6:20pm

10 members and 3 officers

Treasury = $10,208.15

Gold = $1,188.80

Silver = $15.23

Platinum = $933.00

Palladium = $514.00

Action taken to book Aug picnic area again at the park.

Auction will be March 26th at 2:30

Coin show will be April 9th and 10th

Herman gave a speech on the nickel

Door prize awarded


Meeting started at 6:10pm

11 members and 4 officers

Treasury = $10,528.05

Gold = $1,262.10

Silver = $15.38

Platinum = $989.40

Palladium = $566.85

Will have auction lots online by next week, or the following week

Coin show is not full yet; still working on it

Bret gave speech on the 20cent piece

Door prize awarded


Meeting started at 6:15pm

13 members and 4 officers

Treasury = $11,674.35

Gold = $1,259.40

Silver = $16.22

Platinum = $999.70

Palladium = $544.15

Coin show and auction were successful

Room has been reserved for the fall show, Nov 12th and 13th

Picnic pavilion reserved at the park

Motion made and seconded to have the auction 10/29.  Coins due by the august meeting (9th)

Motion made and seconded to create new website for the club.  Allen will offer to sponsor and develop it at no cost.

Motion made to have Ladies night May 10th at Hobo’s

Speech given on the Charlotte, NC mint

Door prize awarded